5 must-eats ran by foreign chefs in Singapore


Gastronomy is one of the things Singapore does best. So when it comes to attracting talented chefs from abroad to feed a discerning crowd, the city meets no difficulty.  Here are 5 foreign chefs who inspire our culinary scene and are definitely worth the try.


André – André Chiang

Elegance, simplicity and emotions. Some styles are harder to describe than others and Taiwan born chef André Chiang owns just one of these: too subtle for the academic vocabulary of the mouth. His restaurant, André, is among the most coveted in the city and, it comes as no surprise, the food there just makes you fly.





Artemis –Fernando Arevalo

It’s hard once you’ve been toonce not to want to go back every Saturday. Maybe it’s the intense flavours and perfect combinations of its Mediterranean cuisine. Or maybe the gorgeous CBD venue. Or perhaps knowing that the emphasis here is not just on quality but also strongly on sustainability. Whatever it is, it’s a spell you’ll have trouble breaking, believe us.





Restaurant Joel Robuchon – Michael Michaelidis

When seasonal simple flavours meet perfect execution is where you get the most from fine dining. Michael Michaelidis stepped in Robuchon’s footsteps to deliver what France makes best: classic yet far from conventional tastes and ingredients played with masterfully. Piece of advice, try the magical 16 course-tasting menu. And take your time to pick your wine from a fantastically curated list.




Tippling Club – Ryan Clift

English super tattooed Chef Ryan Clift moved to Singapore in 2008. Ever since, he’s been pushing the extremes and playing with flavours like few others dare. Forget wine if you are lucky enough to get a sit there: the mixologist pairs world-level cocktails with his cuisine in ways you wouldn’t dream of. Avant-garde has never been so avant-gardist…




Burnt Ends – David Pynt

If you think barbecue is always a matter of big cuts, ketchup and warm beer, think again. David Pynt has taken it to the level of art and we couldn’t be more grateful. You’ll feel the same once you’ve set foot in his open kitchen restaurant for an extremely creative yet terribly sincere meal.



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