The cuisine of Corsica is well-known to foodies around the world for its originality and dishes made from locally-grown fresh and delicious Mediterranean ingredients. Some of the typical products found in Corsica food include chestnuts smoked and grounded into flour, cheeses made exclusively with goat or sheep’s milk, high quality olive oil and alcohol such as wine, beer and liqueurs. Corsica also manufacture its own meat products, with its charcuterie considered as one of the best in the world.

We are a company that brings delicacies from Corsica to Singapore. Local fans of European cuisine can now bring home an authentic taste of Corsica, and be captivated by a new plethora of flavours, taste and natural goodness when you sample our food products. We promise that you won’t be disappointed.  

Our brands and products:

  • Dumè Cesari Delicatessen
  • Ottavi Cheese
  • Colomba Pasta
  • Charles Antona Jam, Cream, Chutney & Soup
  • Anlain Valentini Honey
  • Mavela Whisky & Liquors
  • Pietra Beer
  • Corsican wines