AOC wine from Corsica

As demonstrated by the relics discovered at Canonica, the first vines that the Greeks brought to our island were cultivated around the ancient Roman town of Mariana. A member of the UVAL (Union des Vignerons Associés du Levant) group, La Marana vineyard is situated in the wine growing area of the same name. It not only harvest wine from its own supplies of high-quality grapes, but also grapes produced by other micro-regions such as “Pieve”, Linguizzetta, Bravone, Travo, Saint-Florent and Calenzana.

After a very rigorous plot selection process, the wines are made using cutting-edge technologies, before they are left to mature in stainless steel vats or oak casks. Produced in exceptional terroirs, these wines are sold under the “Vignerons des Pieves, Terra Mariana et Terra Nostra” label and consistently stand out through their  high quality. Their consistency is praised by panels at various national and international wine shows.

AOP Vin de Corse

Sparkling Muscat

AOP Patrimonio