A lovely Mediterranean island encompassing a treasure of unspoiled charm and natural beauty. It is quietly tucked between Provence and Tuscany, the two legendary destinations in Europe.



Dedicated to be true to the Corsican's rich heritage and way of life, Isula's hand-crafted food products are thoughtfully created using decades of traditional know-how and home-grown harvest.

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Isula, Flavours of Corsica

What few men still do…

    Don’t even think of looking for his page on Facebook. Or anywhere else on the web. You just won’t find him there. Dumé Cesari is a man of nature and action. And to be honest, it’s not even sure the internet has reached the lone Corsican village where he...

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Corsican wines resurrected : back from heaven

  The grapes were here more than twenty centuries ago (think Greek Empire and ancient worlds). Yet 50 years ago, they were almost nowhere to be seen in Corsica. The reason is dire: the Great French Wine Blight followed by World War I were so damaging almost none survived.   End of the...

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How we found the best sommelier in Singapore

Singapore has a thing for French wines.  And people here know their Bordeaux from their Bourgogne. It definitely takes a fine sommelier to please these knowledgeable tongues, so restaurants and bars have upped their game with masterly profiles. Each year, an exciting competition goes looking for the best French Wine...

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